And So It Begins! Er… Again.

I’ve done Keto before. Back in January 2012, my pal Lloyd and I (both Redditors) decided to give this a try. I had found out about it on Reddit and researched and researched for weeks before I dove in. I told Lloyd about it and he was keen to join me. We had so much fun discussing meals, going out to eat together, shopping together, and encouraging each other to get out and move. Well, he encouraged my lazy ass to get out and move… You see, Edinburgh is SUPER hilly. Walking gets exhausting quickly – That’s Fat Me talking.

We both had awesome success. He didn’t have much to lose, he’s already naturally fit. My fat melted off. I looked FABULOUS by the time I went to Madrid. But then I went to Madrid. I tried to still do low-carb, but I wanted to enjoy myself. I drank sugary alcohol, I ate paella. When I came back, I was poor and had a dissertation to focus on. So I just fell off. Other things became more important and I couldn’t turn down free food at work. So the excuses went… By June 2012, I was HEAVY. I don’t know how much, all I know is I had gone through stress, depression, and made it out alive to graduate. My sister visited and I probably consumed about 4,000 calories a day. I may be exaggerating but we ate like Queens on her first tour of Edinburgh and our weekend trip to Dublin.

From there, I just stopped caring. I was maintaining a higher-than-usual weight for my Edinburgh self. I tried a few things here and there but never stuck. I met my now-fiancé in November and all I cared about was him. I was aware I was heavier than I usually am when we met, but that weirdly comforted me: He’s gorgeous and responsible and kind and funny – but he picked me, even at such a heavy weight. So I let myself be happy.


As you read in the first post, by the middle of June 2013 I had been hitting the gym regularly (for the first time ever) and I was on Adipex, but nothing was moving. All of May and now half of June, and I’d lost 3 pounds? I love Keto. I know it works. I feel amazing on it. Why am I just NOT DOING IT? Especially now since I don’t need to buy my own food!

June 17th, I started lowering my carbs, as I toyed with the commitment. Then something weird happened. After only 2 days of low-carb, calorie counting, I had to eat pizza. Well, I was ‘cousin-sitting’ and I had/have no money of my own, and we were left with a coupon for free pizza. So I ate it. It was a bad night. I ate half a small pizza, lots of veggies… okay, that’s not bad, right? But then I really did it. I ate AN ENTIRE BOX of breadsticks. Fuck me, they were good. And I couldn’t stop. All it took was 2.5 days, and my carb craving overcame me.

I once read, “One bad meal won’t make you fat, just like one healthy meal won’t make you skinny”. I beat myself up mentally that night, but let it go. The next day, June 20th, I dove back in to Keto. Bulletproof coffee. Meatballs. ENERGY. Feeling awesome. By 6:00 I was making us a salmon and asparagus dinner when it hit me. Nausea. Stomach churning. Dizzy. Can’t stand… What the hell! Ran to toilet. Couldn’t tell which end it wanted to escape. Nothing happen for an hour, other than extreme nausea. I made myself vomit and up lunch from 6 hours earlier came. Okay… Lie down… Wow. That was terrible. By 9:00, I was up again apologising to my cousin, feeling a bit human.

I Ketoed on, despite my weird nausea. For three days, I had diarrhoea. I can’t remember EVER having that for more than a day. Other than that issue, I could continue on with life. My macros were near-perfect: 5% carbs, 60% fat, 35% protein is my daily goal. I did and still do struggle with eating enough protein weirdly enough. By the 24th of June, I was easily averaging <30g a day and proud.

That week my little sister joined me in the diet. Two days later, my mom did, with the help of her long-time low-carb best friend. And that’s been us. Having my mom and sister on board (who I live with) has definitely made all the difference. We overhauled our cupboards. Gave everything we can eat away to my older sister – she had to make 2 trips, but she has a happy pantry full of long shelf life foods now. My mom asked me to take her Keto Basics Shopping and we stocked up on the usuals (cream cheese, whipping cream, cheese, meats, mayo). I had her watch Fat Head to help her shake lose the 1980s science of Low Fat Myths. It’s been wonderful.

I think my first week as Keto Flu. I don’t recall having that the first time I did Keto. It’s possible my body has an easier time jumping in to Ketosis, so once I committed carbocide my body freaked out. I now have it in my head that that’s what carbs do to my body, so I am very careful to avoid them this time around.

It’s only been three full weeks for me, but I feel like everything has happened. I saw my doctor on the 20th of June and had only lost THREE POUNDS when I saw her in beginning of May. That was pathetic effort. But it’s been three weeks, and I am Officially Down TWENTY POUNDS. I do go a few days at the same weight, (I know, I still weigh myself every day – bad Nell) but I don’t freak out if I’m not losing. I just Keep Calm, and Keto On as they say.

This is where I am at now, in my life. I hope to update my success frequently as I go along. Discuss my low-carb experiences, track not only my weight loss but my measurements and health as well. Next doctor appointment is a week from today! I hope she can see me 25 pounds lighter.

Stay tuned this weekend for a possible 3 day Fat Fast Diary! I will be checking my measurements this week as well, see if anything has happened in a few weeks.





2 thoughts on “And So It Begins! Er… Again.

    • Thank you! I’ve stalled – or I should say entered the PISS phase, but trying to not let it bother me too much. Congrats on your progress as well! I hope you’re having as much fun as I am with Keto 🙂

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