3.5 Weeks

Nearly a month into Keto and I’m down 19 pounds. The past few days haven’t seen much scale change. But I’m trying not to concern myself with that: I plan on doing a Fat Fast from Saturday-Monday and hopefully reset my system again.

I have been in Ketosis. I consistently check my Ketones especially if I’ve had to consume a few more carbs than usual, like last night. I tend to do that on days I don’t plan for the gym, but end up going. When I do plan, I keep in mind the protein powder (because my mother “had a coupon” and didn’t get the kind I asked. But this kind has whey and casein, so I can forgive the 7 carbs).

So on to Non-Scale Victories:

1. My arms are getting definition. Like… two months ago, I held my arms up, no muscle, and FLAB. Just flab. It was sad, because I used to have decent arm strength back in the day. They called me Strong-Bad because I was the one who could always jars and unscrew pop bottles (that I screwed on too tight). But now I can FEEL my muscles. I can FLEX them. And that flab? Still there, but amazingly less so. I know I have much more fat to burn, but it’s so refreshing seeing the changes.

2. Before I moved back to US, I always wore this pair of comfy, short black shorts to work (with leggings or tights underneath). About two, maybe three, months ago, I went to put them on and I could not button them without the muffiniest top ever spilling over, never mind not being able to breathe. I think that was one of my wake up calls. I have two pairs of the same brand of shorts in different colours that were always tighter, because they are MUCH less worn in than the black ones. And I thought, what a waste! It’s summer and I can’t wear the only shorts I own, not even my worn in ones! Yesterday, I was dressing for my Bridal Shopping appointment and wanted bare legs (I basically LIVE in leggings) and minimal clothes since I’ll be changing. I thought, “Well… let’s try the black work shorts.” FIT. BEAUTIFULLY. I was ecstatic. Even without tights or leggings, I still looked… slim! (Well, slimmer). My legs didn’t look too horrendous. I wasn’t muffin topping AT ALL. Positively chuffed.

3. The rate at which I feel satiated is fantastic. My appetite has shrunk – and not to unhealthy levels: to NORMAL proportions. The average meal serving is actually close to what the serving suggestion is. I never thought I’d see the day… I find myself struggling to finish meals some days, because my Fat Brain fills a plate, but my Keto Brain tells me when I’m honestly full. I average around 1,000 calories a day which is low, but I’m not going to force myself to eat when I’m honestly not hungry. I also ensure I take my vitamins every day (currently just a Boots multi-vitamin and magnesium citrate), keeping obsessive track.

4. I don’t crave carbs. Like, at all. I work in a bakery; I am constantly offered free donuts, cookies, bread… And I always say ‘no, thank you’. I deal with raw cookie dough; at my old job, I used to chow down on the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie dough. Between that and donuts, I’m amazed I don’t ever cheat. When I crave pizza, I’m excited to try a new version of low carb crust. When I crave pancakes, I dove into almond flour pancakes. I get excited about my new low carb versions because I know that if I eat carb-heavy food, I will get ill and it will make me fat. Such a good mindset! It’s refreshing to be on a ‘diet’ where I do not feel like I’m missing out.

I’m going to take my measurements tonight, but again on Monday night (after my Fat Fast, night before my doctor appointment). Just to see between weight and inches what a three day fast can actually do. Then hopefully I’ll have some awesome results to report to Dr Klock 🙂

I’d really like to get a lipid panel, so I’ll ask Doc if we can organise that. Problem is I only have until September until my medical insurance runs out 😦 Crap. I am still undecided if I go one more month with Adipex? I might as well while I can get it, and I could use the extra help before the wedding.

Oh, I bought a dress! Very flattering, super comfortable, totally non-traditional (it’s actually a bridesmaid dress). I had them get it in my current size, because they can take in up to two sizes so I’ll just hope that that’s all I need by then. WEird thing to hope! But I’m being realistic. I think the most alterations they’ll have to do is form-fitting it. Taking it in to accentuate my waist. Hoping I can lose a few more inches off my ruddy hips though! I’ll keep my eye on that progress. I guess my First Progress Goal will be for the last week of August, when the dress comes in! That will be when they make the final alterations.

I’m still unsure what to do, diet-wise for my two weeks with my husband. I want champagne, but I don’t need it… I’m not worried about food – I will happily eat low carb. But drinking… I love wine! Can I handle two weeks of only diet & whisky, as much as I like it? No margaritas in sunny Florida? Hmm… Quite the decision to make… I know people occasionally have ‘cheat’ weeks for events like this, but I’m more worried how my body will react to the extra carbs. Nothing more of a mood killer than unpredictable bowels.

On that TMI note, I must go. I hope to share some of my meal photos from the past week next time. I’ve become quite the experimental chef!

Best of luck


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