Measurements and Fat Fast

So, I meant to take my measurements once a month, but my scale hasn’t changed much in five days so I needed some inspiration. It’s been 3 weeks since I took my first measurements, unfortunately didn’t get any starting measurements! Grr.

But here’s how it’s looking:

  • Arms: Gained half an inch, but it’s all muscle now so I’m okay with that!
  • Bust: My under bust is down 1 inch. My boobs (SADFACE) are down THREE inches. Ugh. Not fair.
  • Waist: 3 inches gone!
  • Hips: 3 inches gone!
  • Thighs: 1.5 inches gone, but also much more muscular!

Basically, in three weeks, I’ve lost 3 inches around. Sadly, some from my boobs. I am glad to just see overall loss.

I have been slacking at the gym much more since I started Keto. I need to up my cardio. I have no problem lifting weights – I love it – but cardio bores me!  I have discovered that reading my Kindle while on the stationary bike is more exciting. I should at least get my ass up there for an hour each night.

As I mentioned, it’s been 5 days and I have stayed at the same weight, hovering within the pound. Still chuffed with my overall 20 pounds loss in three weeks, but surely this is too early to plateau? A lot of the girls on /r/xxketo suggest a carb meal once a week. Not a carb DAY, just a meal. I need to do this and also gauge my carb sensitivity. Once the wedding/honeymoon hits, I want to see how my body will react to splurging. Not even for the food, just for the wine and champagne.

This brings me to my Fat Fast. Yesterday was Day 1 of 3. In the end my macros were okay: 83% Fat, 15% Protein, 2% Carbs. I messed up on the protein bit because it didn’t even occur to me my cubed cheese would have so much protein, so that morning I added half a scoop of protein powder to my Bulletproof Coffee. Anyway, I still did alright.

I’m more worried about today, because I was lazy this morning and my sister had made cream cheese pancakes. So I went for it. But the peanut butter and eggs added lots of protein, and I’m higher on my carbs than I should be (already at 13g! shit). I’m at 77% Fat  13% Protein 9% Carbs right now.  I’m heading to the drive in theatre tonight so I’m going to bring cream cheese to snack on. In fact, maybe fasting with cream cheese for the rest of the day will do it. If I eat 5oz of cream cheese (500 calories) for the rest of the day I’ll get 82% Fat. Here I go!

I also suspect I’m STILL not drinking enough water. I remind myself every morning to drink FOUR of my 34oz bottles of water. I’m thinking I only make it to about 3. I need to keep better track. I also wonder what the difference is in days where I’m guzzling water and pissing every 20 minutes; and days where I’m guzzling, but retaining it all? It could be the creatine in our new protein powder but I’ve only had it twice since we got it. I’ll start but just drowning myself in water these next two days. I can feel my body holding on to the water. So annoying.

I love to do research on things. I researched the hell out of the Fat Fast before starting. Yesterday, I began with a Bulletproof Coffee + Protein Powder then a few hours later went to work. I was feeling fabulous until an hour before my work break. Nausea overcame me. I was trying to work, but started moving slowly, unsure if I was going to puke. Then I remembered my research: ELECTROLYTES. Stupid, stupid me. I didn’t take my vitamins that morning: Every morning I take a multivitamin and magnesium citrate (for now – I do plan on adding to my supplements) and I track my sodium and potassium militantly. Except for yesterday, when I even knew it mattered most. I’m such an eejit. I was eating cubed cheese, trying to pass the time until my cookies were done baking so I could do on break. I ran to the sports drink isle and snagged a GNC electrolyte bevvy. Within 10 minutes of sipping on it, I could feel myself getting better. So it wasn’t the food/calories, it was definitely my elecs. I went on break, bought a jar of sandwich pickles (more sodium!) and went to town eating salami, pickles, and cheese, drinking my sports bev. What the people at work must think of me….

Speaking of – I’m obsessed with pickles. 0 calories. 0 carbs. 0 everything except sodium! I do love the chicken broth for a warm beverage to fill my belly when I need the salt, but pickles give me more the oral fixation when I need it. I honestly never eat out of boredom anymore, but eating pickles does add to the satiation.

My moral is: DO NOT underestimate your need for electrolytes when you’re in Ketosis – and ESPECIALLY when you’re Fat Fasting! If you ever feel nauseated, have some chicken broth. Sodium IS YOUR FRIEND. Abandon all your 1980/90s science!

Okay, wish me luck on my cream cheese diet today. Tomorrow I’ll not be lazy to ensure variety. Doctor’s on Tuesday! Can’t wait to share my inches loss with her.


2 thoughts on “Measurements and Fat Fast

    • They were delicious! My family has a tradition of topping our pancakes with peanut butter so it worked out super delicious and awesomely low carb. (And sometimes I splurge with sugar free syrup).

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