An Experiment: 30 Days of Bulletproof Coffee



We live in a fat phobic society, for me at least. My only source of dietary fat used to be just peanut butter. I do not mind animal fat (not a chicken breast fan), but I certainly make a conscious effort to stay away from fat sources like butter, oil or avocado (nature’s butter!). Who needs a heart attack, right?


Sometime in April, Chris on my twitter feed mentioned “Bulletproof® Coffee“. I had no idea what that meant so I asked my best friend Google and BAM BAM BAM, the volume of information on the Bulletproof® Coffee (I called it BPC for short) was just overwhelming. Though I was still utterly shocked by the unusual notion of drinking a cup of fat, Steve and Cheryl assured me that they have tried it and loved it. One of my good friends have also tried the Tibet butter yak…

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