I’m So Vain, This Post is Definitely About Me.

Along with taking charge of my diet and exercise, I’ve also become obsessed with my hair and skin. Diet should always come first, so now that I have that pretty damn sorted, I’m trying to get to know my skin, hair, and nails and understand what they need.

I’ve already mentioned plenty how many supplements I take. Here’s my supporting team:

Image[Ignore the Melatonin – that’s far from daily. Only on nights when I have time to dabble with Lucid Dreaming.] Today I’ve also added some Vitamin B6 & 5-Htp pills that contain Cramp Bark and a Red Raspberry Leaf tea to possibly help with my menstrual cycle. I figured it couldn’t hurt and I’m running out of time. I do want to discuss either Mirena or endometrial ablation with my doctor. I will get an ablation, but Mirena might suffice for now. Anyway – moving on.

So I’ve got the insides doing their best for now (ignoring my uterus): hopefully got some strong hair and nails growing and hoping my skin is singing on the inside.


A couple years ago in Edinburgh, a hairstylist said these magical, magical words to me: “You do have fine hair – but a lot of it.” I never knew. Ever. I mean, I knew what my hair did – looks greasy after a day (so I wear it up), hates holding curls, falls flat even when it’s flat… But I just never thought about what that actually meant in terms of Type.

So a few things I’ve been doing for a while now to help my Stupid Fine Hair:

  • wash every other day, or don’t wash as long as my hair can stand it.
  • Shampoo roots only; condition ends only.
  • Air dry 90% of the time: I only blow dry or straighten on special occasions.
  • I used to do Castor Oil Treatments for my scalp (leave it in over night). Considering the same with coconut oil.

And these are some new things I’ve incorporated:

  • Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner! It’s only been a week but it’s amazing how much lighter my hair feels. I’m using L’Oréal’s EverStrong Thickening S&C.
  • Biotin. I started taking more of it a month ago (instead of the tiny bit included in my multi). I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my fingernails already. My eyelashes aren’t falling out nearly as much either! That’s pretty damn cool.
  • EverStyle Texture Series Beach Spray. I read that sea salt spray is awesome for greasy, fine hair and holy cow is that true! It was funny reading the negative reviews: “Dried my hair out!” Where as, for me, that is exactly why I love it! Dried it out in the GOOD way. Spray it on after my shower and it air dries beautifully wavy. I have yet to spray it on my dry hair, but I suspect it’ll help boost my roots.


Bleh. It’s a mess. It’s combination oily and dry. Cheeks and forehead dry out really quickly, nose is always oily. I never knew what to put on it besides ‘face wash’ and ‘moisturiser’. Oh, and always wash off make up. Which I mostly always do… Eep. My mother terrified me when I was a teenager saying that I’d better “be good to my skin” while I’m young or I’ll end up with a million wrinkles. Which lead me to using her anti-wrinkle cream from the age of 15 and I have on and off always used some “anti-aging” creams.

I never go in the sun so sun damage is alarmingly minimal. I got a facial when I was 20 and the woman said, “You either take REALLY good care of your skin or you never ever go into the sun”. She also said it must be both. But then WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE BREAK OUTS? I never understand people who tell me how lucky I am to have my skin when there’s almost always a spot and I have discolouration from previous spots.

I love make up so when I go out or dress up, I wear a lot! But I also never wear make up. (OH SHE’S SO CONTRADICTORY). I very happily and easily go to work with no make up. I can SO easily leave the house with no make up. From the beginning, I let my fiancé see me with no make up, because as long as my hair looks good, I look good. If my hair is greasy and messy, then ew oh god, no.

CeraVe has done my dry skin well. Awesome, awesome products but I discovered the other day that the moisturiser I was using on my face was more for body and could be clogging my pores (comedogenic). Ah dammit, Janelle. That lead to a long night of research on /r/skincareaddiction.

The Oil Cleansing Method

I’ve never been afraid of putting oil on my oily skin. I’m all about natural shit. I’m just lazy and poor. But with the Wedding Countdown… well… counting down, I want to sort my bloody face out. Finally got on board with this. I’ve abandoned my CeraVe face wash. While it wasn’t the worst thing for my face, I need to make sure it’s not causing my minor breakouts. I’m now doing the OCM along with chemical exfoliation (combination of AHA and BHA). I chose this because my skin is not exactly sensitive, it can take a beating.

IMG_6007My Nightly Routine:

Cleanse: I remove my make up/cleanse my face with Jojoba Oil. Rub it between my hands and massage it on my face good and proper. Get a washcloth warm-hot and lay it on my face for 20-30 seconds, before wiping the oil off. It’s a thin layer so doesn’t take much to wipe off. Air dries quickly.

Chemical Exfoliation: I follow with either St. Ives Exfoliating Pads (AHA – lactic acid) or Clearasil Wipes (BHA – salicylic acid): I alternate these every day. Just a wee gentle wiping all over, concentrating more on my problem areas (my cheeks and chin). Again, air dry.

Moisturise: I’m sorting a new moisturiser out at the moment because I need to see if my CeraVe SA lotion is what’s causing break outs. Silly me didn’t buy CeraVe IN THE TUB. When I can afford it, this will definitely be my moisturiser.

Occlusives: Then I rub Mineral Oil (baby oil without the fragrance) on my face with a cotton ball. Best to do this before bed because it sits on top of your face. This has a mild moisturising effect so for now I double this for my moisturiser.

The benefits of mineral oil are aplenty. The main reason why I’ve abandoned CeraVe or any other moisturiser for this at night is because of my ruddy horrible sebaceous filaments – you know, those porous looking things on our faces (usually nose and chin) that acne commercials try to tell us are blackheads? That those ‘pore strips’ supposedly unclog? Yeah, most of the time those aren’t blackheads and ‘unclogging’ or squeezing them won’t do much. However, mineral oil can significantly reduce their size. It can also clear away blackheads should you also be afflicted with those. It also increases softness and help reduce fine lines. And a GREAT replacement for shaving cream.

I bought a primer – Black Radiance. FANTASTIC. How had I never owned one before? After moisturising in the morning, I put some on whether I’m going to wear make up or not because I tend to be shiny on my forehead and nose and this just makes me Matte. It’s wonderful! I need to buy a really good SPF to add after my moisturiser as well.

Here’s hoping my face likes this routine. I’m going to keep it simple for now and then play around with different oil combinations later. My face FEELS better, but still needs help clearing up. I’m thinking it’s going through a Purge :).

Okay, I need to get my ass to the gym.

27 POUNDS GONE as of this morning.




4 thoughts on “I’m So Vain, This Post is Definitely About Me.

  1. OK, you are officially in my head. I’m dealing with the same thing. I never really focused on my appearance. I was so self conscious about my size that I was always more worried about how my close fit. Didn’t really bother with air/make up/nails. But now that I lost weight, that’s changed. My motto now is Everyday Beauty. Good luck!

    • Brilliant! It’s so invigorating to finally *care* about it all. I think that makes a big difference in “losing weight” and “getting healthy”. 🙂

  2. Wow I have the same problems with my hair! I feel you girl! I’ve been taking the Hair, Skin, & Nails supplement for over a month now…still waiting for noticeable results. I totally want to try the sea salt spray now! Also, the oil treatments don’t weight your hair down or make it greasy?

    • It took about a month for me to notice the biotin helping; I can tell my nails are less brittle and my eyelashes and hair aren’t falling out nearly as much so lets hope it gets even better. Give it another month to see results. I might even up my biotin intake now that my body is used to it.

      Sea salt spray is awesome! I use it on my hair when its wet, spraying it around – air dry into beauty. I did try to use it on dry hair on my roots but I don’t like that – made my hair feel greasy.

      Again, I went with sulfate-free just because I do notice a big difference with other products weighing my hair down. That’s probably the best thing I’ve done for my hair this month, is switch to sulfate-free!

      Oil, I personally haven’t had any weighing-down issues – except I found this CRAP product that added in petroleum and oh my god NEVER AGAIN.

      But Pure Oils I’ve used:

      Castor oil – it takes a wash or two but after it’s out, my hair/scalp feels great. I only did it once or twice a week. This oil is significantly thicker – sometimes adding in some olive oil helps it spread on the scalp as it is tricky to massage around. But this is the best (in my opinion) for encouraging hair growth (aka getting a healthy scalp).

      Coconut Oil – surprisingly light and the scalp loves it so much (so does my body!). A little goes a long way.

      Jojoba oil – VERY light, hardly notice it at all! I haven’t used this as much though because my little bottle was expensive and I prefer it for my face. But a lot of girls prefer this for their hair.

      As with everything, your mileage may vary so before you invest find a way to test it!

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