The Carb-Up

For various reasons, I decided to have a carb meal. As I’ve written before my weight loss has slowed down and I just wanted to play with different stall-burst ideas.

Now, if you don’t care to receive too much information involving the female body, I urge you to cease reading this paragraph: Basically, since I started Keto just over one month ago, my shark week has turned into shark month. And this is after 4 years of virtually no periods (thanks to my birth control). I’ve been reading obsessively on /r/xxketo and many girls report the same problems, because quite obviously, we are messing with our hormones. Not limited to reduced insulin, we are also burning fat stores constantly in Ketosis (it’s our fuel!) and fat stores oestrogen. Thus, the burning releases extra oestrogen into the body.

Anyway. So I’ve been stressed with money, my family is crazy, the wedding/honeymoon, so I broke down and grabbed a McDonalds. It was only after very careful calculation (on their meal builder website) to find the best option – I still wanted high calories, lots of protein and fat as I don’t have a sweet tooth. So I got a Daily Double meal and ate 74g in one sitting. It was delicious. My stomach was okay. I did feel warmer – almost as if I could feel my stomach digesting it? Could be in my head. I got hungry. I ate that at 3:00pm; I can usually go hours and hours without food, but got hungry rather quickly and that annoyed me. I’ve had a dull headache since about 5pm yesterday.

Finished work at 10pm and still hadn’t had any adverse reactions, other than hunger. Still tested positive for ketones in urine, but I know that’s not always the most accurate reading at this stage so I didn’t think anything of it. I went to the gym hungry, attempting some form of Fasted Cardio for the day. Spent an hour doing the treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike. I was feeling okay, but not experiencing the awesome energy levels Fasted Cardio did for me before. 

As soon as I stopped and got home, I crashed. I felt ill. My hunger was so bad it made me sick to my stomach. I got a protein shake in me quickly and ended my day at 90g of net carbs. I went to bed feeling like crap.

I woke up feeling like crap. My body feels stressed (had to take a muscle relaxer first thing this morning). I still have a dull headache.

Still tested positive for urine ketones, but my blood ketones were untraceable so that answers that question:

I’ve successfully kicked myself out of Ketosis. 

Two days ago I was reading at least 1.0 for blood ketones. (0.8 and below means your body is running on sugar/carbs). This morning, I lost half a pound (which I never count but am only noting due to the nature of yesterday). I ate 1,190 calories, which is pretty standard. I’ve actually cut my daily goal down to 1,250. It’s low but I  only ever manage that many anyway so it doesn’t phase me. 

So back on to Keto after that “carb up’! I hope the jolt to my system will kick me back into high gear – sometimes keeping your body guessing is what helps the weight loss. If not, then oh well, I tired. And as always, KEEP UP THE BLOODY CARDIO & WEIGHTS. The all-caps yelling is at myself. 






An Experiment: 30 Days of Bulletproof Coffee



We live in a fat phobic society, for me at least. My only source of dietary fat used to be just peanut butter. I do not mind animal fat (not a chicken breast fan), but I certainly make a conscious effort to stay away from fat sources like butter, oil or avocado (nature’s butter!). Who needs a heart attack, right?


Sometime in April, Chris on my twitter feed mentioned “Bulletproof® Coffee“. I had no idea what that meant so I asked my best friend Google and BAM BAM BAM, the volume of information on the Bulletproof® Coffee (I called it BPC for short) was just overwhelming. Though I was still utterly shocked by the unusual notion of drinking a cup of fat, Steve and Cheryl assured me that they have tried it and loved it. One of my good friends have also tried the Tibet butter yak…

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Fasted Cardio

Had my first Fasted Cardio experience and I am exhilarated. Went to the gym around 11:45 am so I had fasted for about 12 hours.

Actually, I forgot when I woke up at 9 and ate a Babybel (70 cals). I’m such a breakfast person. But then only had water and coffee. I took my sublingual B12 as well.

My goal was to maintain a heart-rate between 137-165 on the treadmill. Fat-burning area, but still only moderate. When doing FC, you don’t necessarily want to do high intensity. Especially me, who used to have passing out episodes (over 5 years ago) so I’m still conditioned to always be weary of blood sugars n that.

I had the best cardio session of my summer! I went for 40 minutes, with a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down. Honestly, I usually get bored after 20 minutes of cardio. Sure, I’m sweating, feeling good, but around 15 minutes I start looking over to the weights area or wondering what time it is. Very bad habit I need to break is cutting my cardio. So the fact that I did 50 minutes on the treadmill is awesome for me.

Did a usual warm up, no incline but moderate pace. After 5 minutes, I upped my incline and kept it at a 5 for 25 minutes. My heart rate for most that time was around 150. I’d vary my pace back and forth, but my heart rate went no lower than 140. Then my energy levels just went mental and as I came down to the last 15 minutes, I surged with a speed walk (I don’t jog… yet) on an 8 incline. [I love incline. Reminds me so much of walking through Edinburgh :(]. That took me right to my 5 minute cool down. In that time, I heart rate went up to 175 (endurance level) and I was fine with it. In fact, when I usually do cardio, my heart rate is mostly commonly between 165-180. I felt awesome. I could’ve kept going but didn’t want to push too hard, so I headed home ready for lunch!

According to the treadmill I burned 306 calories. So 236 (damn babybel) of fat stores, supposedly! I’m happy with that.

It felt good to eat 780 super healthy calories in one sitting without feeling ill. I mixed my protein shake (whey and casein) with almond milk. Grilled a burger patty, melted mozzarella on it, put it on a bed of spinach, topped with a whole avocado, and a bit of mayonnaise. Salt and pepper. Macros are currently near perfect (8C,68F,24P) with only 12 net carbs. The casein will probably keep me full through work.

Now I just need to keep my water intake going. Some days I forget and am left trying to drink far too many millilitres in too little time (which as we all know can be dangerous). I have my 700 mL bottle I refill as I go along and I know I should have at least 5 of them each day. I know my coffee and Sparkling Ice counts to water intake as well, but I never include them. I don’t want to get lazy with it. It’s ridiculous how important the RIGHT amount of water is key in health and losing weight. Even when you think you’re drinking enough — YOU’RE PROBABLY NOT.

On my last thought, Mumford & Sons is alarmingly AWESOME to workout to. And this song was the most empowering Cool Down song to ever come on:


Ruddy Stalls

Right, okay, my bad: I told myself I’d stopped calling it a ‘stall’. I know it’s just that my body is adjusted to Keto now so the initiation weight loss is done and it’s keeping slow and steady until it figures out the next step… I’m still trying to convince myself it’ll be fine.

I know I’m a million times healthier. And while I don’t lose weight, I don’t gain either. I am 22 pounds lighter. I take my vitamins. I don’t eat junk. That’s the stuff to be proud of. 

In the next two weeks, I’m going to consider a few different things.

1. Exercise. One thing I know I’ve changed in the past 2 weeks is less gym time (as I’ve bitched about in nearly every post) so I’m kicking that into gear again. Even when I wasn’t losing weight in early June, I was feeling so much better just exercising.

2. Intermittent Fasting. I did it once when I wasn’t on Keto and had good success after 2 weeks (17 pounds down before I stopped). I need to organise a doable schedule with work shifts that don’t interrupt my feeds. Or, do 2 day extreme fasts. Many options.

3. Eat More Calories. I’ve already experimented with this once and very weirdly it worked! I worry so much about over eating these days and I’m not sure why because I physically can’t on keto. I track my food on MFP mainly for my macros. Tonight I told myself, ‘Just eat. Go for it. Try the more calories thing again.’ I ate 3 meals and a snack. (These days I average 1.5 meals and a snack). I just let go! Went crazy. Tracked it: Still 200 calories left for the day (meaning I ate 1200). Right, okay, just as well I stayed under becaaaussee….

4. Carb Meals. I’ve read about this. Once a week you allow yourself ONE Carb MEAL. Not carb day! Just meal. Today I realised I ate more carbs than I should – although I still only ate about 40g; I’m rounding up to leave error for those <1g labels. I still would rather eat more calories than have a carb meal. I just don’t want it to be the gateway carbs. Maybe when I’m 50 pounds lighter and feeling more confident about control.


So I have some options. I think this week I’ll do 1 & next week I’ll try 2 with an amended 3. I’m reserving 4 for maybe the end of August if I think I’ll need to ease carbs in for Disneymoon. I have a ton of long late work shifts this week so IF would be tricky but,

It will be easy for working out – my gym is 24/7. I’ll go back to doing weights Mon, Wed, Fri, but not be lazy like before and skip cardio on my inbetween days! I really want to try Fasted Cardio –  Get up at a decent time before work, and walk on the treadmill for 30-60 minutes before I eat. Then after work on Mon, Wed, Fri nights I can do my weights once I’ve had a snack (another reason why IF would be tricky this week). The hard part will be getting my ass out of bed in the morning/before work. I am not a… Get Out of Bed Person. But I need routine more than anything these days. 

I really want to do IF! I’ll have to wait until Thurs/Fri to see what my work schedule is like and plan a decent “Feed Time’ around it. The hardest part would be picking a window where I can eat (i.e. not at work with only a 15-30 minute break to eat!) but also allows me energy for lifting. I have read that people do allow themselves a protein shake if they need it during the Fast Time. I also, adding in an amended 3, want to make sure that I eat 1,200 in that feed time.

As you can see, a lot to sort out. This week is not ideal for an extended IF. I may possibly do a 2 day extreme IF: Fast 23 hours, Eat 1000+ keto calories in 1 hour.

I definitely need to do a bit more research on Fasted Cardio. I know it’s awesome for fat burning, but I don’t want to destroy my muscles either!

Okay. If I have any hope of doing anything before work tomorrow, I must to bed.




Marriage Post


I just got some of the best news. I’m not sure it exactly qualifies as news: Let’s go with Hope. I just got the most heartwarming serving of Hope. I am overcome with possibility right now.

I was messaging a girl on Reddit who recently applied for her US>UK Marriage Visa. She kindly offered me advice (as it’s a bitch of a process). I asked her if she paid for a lawyer/advisor to look over it – I was told that this can speed the process up and ensure you have everything you need. Turns out, she didn’t. They just meticulously checked off the list of what they needed and paid for Priority Processing, which is only an extra $150 (on top of the $1,300. Christ).

So what’s my point? She said that between applying online, sending in her documents, doing her biometrics, and getting her Passport with approved Visa BACK – her total wait time was TWO. WEEKS.

TWO WEEKS. I don’t think I can actually fathom that.

For some reason, when I started my research back in February, I was always preparing for the worst: Not meeting financial requirements (he more than does), not being together long enough (no time limit, just proof it’s real and not sham), fees (okay that one is still a concern…).  For MONTHS, I’ve been mentally preparing myself for a 2-6 month wait for my Visa to get approved. I’ve had my fingers secretly crossed to be in Liverpool before Christmas, but I’ve been realistically considering January/February.

And just now, I find out, I could (technically) be in Liverpool by NOVEMBER? So now, it won’t come down to processing time. It’s going to come down to when I can afford my flight! My last ever one way ticket.

If I can be home by December… That will be magical. Matthew and I finally started dating in December. Our first physical meeting was November 10th. We’d known each other via Twitter for a while and had become good chums, always flirty, I always had a curious crush. But after my first Liverpool trip in November, we realised just how compatible we were. He had already made plans to come to Edinburgh on December 17, but I decided I didn’t want to wait a month to see him. December 1st I spent that weekend with him and it just exploded from there. By the time we found each other, we had been through enough in love to know when it’s worth it. On Boxing Day, while I was spending Christmas in London with one of my best friends, we both decided via texting that we didn’t care if I was leaving at the end of January; this was too good to let go. We had to try. I still can’t believe he took a chance on me. He spent New Years with me. I spent another weekend with him. And he came up for my Going Away Party to surprise me and we spent that last weekend together…

And here we are. Getting married in 50 days (SQUEE!). We’ll have been apart for about seven months when we see each other again. We’ve been apart longer than we’ve been together. And the 2 weeks we get in September for our wedding and Disneymoon will be the longest we’ve ever spent physically together. None of this scares me. Nothing alarms me. When it’s right, it’s easy.

I’m just so overcome with the idea that we may be able to start the rest of our lives sooner than I imagined.

What I wouldn’t give to be able to spend our first Christmas married actually together!

Comfort Food

It’s too fucking hot. I am NOT a heat/humidity person. Scotland was perfect for me. On the very rare days we had sun and warmth (more often than not it was one without the other), I relished it. It was rare and beautiful and made everyone so happy. Whereas here in Michigan, it’s hot ALL THE FUCKING TIME. It is not unique. It is not beautiful. And people moan and complain, and if they’re like me, they’re miserable.

I’m excited to move to Liverpool, as it will be slightly warmer than Edinburgh on average, but still moderate. British weather is my ideal.

Here’s a photo album of a few Keto meals I’ve had these past few weeks. A perk of Keto is rediscovering the chef in me. A long time ago, I considered culinary school, I loved it that much. But moving away, becoming a student, cooking for one all contributed to laziness. Plus, Chef at work mostly cooked for me. Anyway, here’s a nice tour of some of the things this “diet” consists of:

Wait, did I just complain about heat and then make CHILLI for dinner? Isn’t that the ultimate winter comfort food? Ah well, it’s bloody good! Here’s a follow up to the last photo in that album: my finished Caveman Chilli Bowl!


Check Up

Back from my first doctors appointment since I started Keto. She was so excited for my weight loss. I told her it was mostly from my diet. She has heard of it and actually had only good things to say. Her complaint was against Atkins no veggies thing, so as soon as I told her I am addicted to vegetables, both leafy and green, she was chuffed. My blood pressure is beautiful. (A nice change from 5-6 years ago when my anxiety would throw me into hypertension in minutes).

We talked about my supplements. As I’ve mentioned I’m only taking a multi and magnesium citrate. She says to add B12 to that. She also said my potassium levels should be fine (I’m obsessively tracking them); I’ll only need to add a supplement if I start cramping up a lot. I got another month of Adipex. I might be giving most of it to Lindsey. I haven’t taken it in a few days and my appetite has stayed the same. I’ll take it again for a few days. If it starts my weight loss again, I may keep them for myself. But that’s not how Adipex works, so I highly doubt it’ll effect my weight loss any more so than Keto will. But I shall experiment, regardless.

Got some muscle relaxers as well for me poor out-of-alignment back 😦 Standing at work for hours kills me. I miss my old job where at least I got to run around. Hopefully with more strength training and weight loss I can fix my spine along the way. Just need to endure the pain until then.

I scheduled a Lipid Profile! Excited to get my cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and Triglycerides checked! I can add that to my “Progress” charts. Then, when the naysayers shout back with, ‘Oh yeah? How’s your cholesterol?!’ I can finally say with certainty: IT’S GORGEOUS. EAT THAT, LIPID HYPOTHESIS.

On a non-diet related note: I have my first ever brazilian wax scheduled for Friday afternoon. I suspect to spend rest of the day lying spread eagle and popping ibuprofen so as not to irritate my probably already-angry lady area. The last thing I wanted to do was leave my first waxing to just before the wedding. This way I can get in twice before and make sure it’s all lovely and smooth. Shaving is literally the bane of my existence. If this spa does an awesome job, I’ll definitely get a deep tissue; perhaps a facial; at least a mani and pedi! Damn I wish I had more money.

RIGHT. My diet is sorted for now. I’m going to keep calm and not freak out about staying the same weight for a week. I’m probably in Post-Induction Stall Syndrome (PISS): “Water and glycogen find a new balance and this causes a stall or even weight gain, which lasts for a week or two. Relax, PISS is both normal and temporary.” So, aye, as it says… Just RELAX, Janelle! Need to get my cardio ass into GEAR. Sat here complaining about a stall, when I haven’t been to the gym in 5 days. The nerve of me.

Just under 7 weeks. I wonder how much weight I can lose in that time? 20 in 4 so far… Maybe  30? That would get me at my Recorded Adult Lowest! I think that would make me the happiest Bride. Aside, of course, from Husband. But saying “Aye, ah dae” while at my lowest weight after so much hard work would just be phenomenal! And shit, just realised I need a swim suit for our honeymoon. How in the hell do I go about that? If I get it now, it might be too big by September? But if I wait til September, shops might not sell them anymore.

You hear that? That’s the sound of Panicking Bride. I swear, even with my small courthouse wedding, there’s still stress.

I have this top that I wore 2 and a half years ago. It’s a simple shirt but I loved how I looked in it. But maybe it’s because I was at my Current Recorded Lowest Adult Weight? Here’s a photo of that time, and me in that shirt. I don’t know what I was doing at this time to be so tiny (ha! Comparatively) other than dating and having lots of sex. But there it is. (PSA: Guy in photo is Best Gay, Lloyd, not sexual partner).

Lowest recent weight

Lowest Weight, NYE 2011-2012

Anyway, my point is – I have that shirt still. I haven’t tried to wear it in many months. Last time I did, I knew immediately to take it back off. It did not flatter the same. My goal is for it to flatter me again in September. If I don’t hit that goal, I’ll survive and keep trying. But it’s a little something to keep working towards for now.

I’m so chatty today. Off to work I go. As much as I hated not making my own money, I sorely miss being unemployed. Being a stay at home wife (NOT mom — childfree woman here) would be ideal. I could just write my fiction all day… Aaaaaand cue daydream.


A Bust

My Fat Fast was a bust. Saturday I did rather well. Sunday, I was doing great until about 8pm when my sister and I decided to go to the drive in (Despicable Me 2 & Monsters University! Both awesome). I didn’t want to be stuck with only cream cheese to snack on during the films, so I decided that instead of Fat Fasting, I was going to PIG. OUT. I read on /r/keto that sometimes upping your caloric intake for a few days will help a stall. And that’s what I did. In one sitting I ate TWO bratwurst patties smothered in melted cheese and hot sauce, with sour cream and ketchup to dip. The funny thing is, I guess it wasn’t even that much food. It was just two patties. Like eating two massive burgers at a cookout, not including all the salads and crisps, right? Yet I could barely move through all of Despicable Me 2. I overate for the first time in weeks! That was 1,155 calories in ONE SITTING! I still managed only 1,839 for the whole day. That’s used to be a below-average day. It’s amazing how things change. What an awesome experiment.

I woke up the next day feeling good. I ate a lot of calories, I had a great time at the drive in cinema, but most importantly, I was still in Ketosis! (Ate 29g of carbs on Sunday without working out). I stepped on the scale and had LOST a pound. Wow.

I was buzzing and decided to do my last Fat Fast day. I had half of my Bulletproof Coffee and a chunk of cream cheese. Brought a container of cream cheese to work with me. Yup, that’s right – I was going to do the Extreme Fat Fast. I felt great all day, as I usually do. I went on my work break and had cream cheese, but caved and ate a packet of tuna. Then mother asked me to buy groceries and that’s when I lost control.

OH MY GOD my curry sauces are fairly low carb?!?! Holyyy shit. I bought the korma (8g per 1/3 cup) and the tikka masala (6g per 1/3 cup). I have a curry obsession: Back in Scotland, my fattest nights were when I’d order a take away of chicken korma, basmati rice, garlic naan bread, and don’t forget my beef samosa starters, dipped in their creamy delicious mystery sauce. Food enough for two, probably even three, and I would force it all down my throat. Well, sometimes, I’d see reason and save half for breakfast. But most of the time I’d end up miserably full, hating myself. I couldn’t do that now. My stomach wouldn’t allow. I barely eat over an actual servings size worth these days.

Wow, that was a digression. Point is – when I got home, I was starving and far too excited about my curry. I cooked up a cup of diced chicken, poured 1/3 cup of tikka sauce down over it, let it simmer for 10 minutes and I was whisked back to Scotland on the first bite. I love my curry. My stats were at about 84% fat when I left work, but after dinner I went a pretty decent 9%/63%/28%. So at the end of the day, a good Keto day. And I only had 16g of carbs.

When I’m Ketoing, I struggle to meet my protein quota. So (attempting) Fat Fasting was relatively easy until I started craving protein!? I guess my body is just getting used to the Keto Quotas.

I’m feeling crap having not been to the gym in like a week. I miss the days of unemployment when I could go to the gym WHENEVER I WANTED. Now, despite it being 24/7, I have to account for sleep because I have to function at work. It’s infuriating. I’m mostly mad at myself. I need to AT LEAST get my ass there to do cardio. I bet my weightloss would kick in again. Damn myself!

I have 50 days until my fiancé flies in and 53 days until our wedding. Also, today is his 32nd birthday! I’m glad this the last birthday we’ll have to spend apart. Look at him: He’s actually gorgeous. With his sexy Liverpudlian accent. I want to be the sexiest woman for him.


Anyway. Off to the doctors! I hope she’s proud 🙂


Measurements and Fat Fast

So, I meant to take my measurements once a month, but my scale hasn’t changed much in five days so I needed some inspiration. It’s been 3 weeks since I took my first measurements, unfortunately didn’t get any starting measurements! Grr.

But here’s how it’s looking:

  • Arms: Gained half an inch, but it’s all muscle now so I’m okay with that!
  • Bust: My under bust is down 1 inch. My boobs (SADFACE) are down THREE inches. Ugh. Not fair.
  • Waist: 3 inches gone!
  • Hips: 3 inches gone!
  • Thighs: 1.5 inches gone, but also much more muscular!

Basically, in three weeks, I’ve lost 3 inches around. Sadly, some from my boobs. I am glad to just see overall loss.

I have been slacking at the gym much more since I started Keto. I need to up my cardio. I have no problem lifting weights – I love it – but cardio bores me!  I have discovered that reading my Kindle while on the stationary bike is more exciting. I should at least get my ass up there for an hour each night.

As I mentioned, it’s been 5 days and I have stayed at the same weight, hovering within the pound. Still chuffed with my overall 20 pounds loss in three weeks, but surely this is too early to plateau? A lot of the girls on /r/xxketo suggest a carb meal once a week. Not a carb DAY, just a meal. I need to do this and also gauge my carb sensitivity. Once the wedding/honeymoon hits, I want to see how my body will react to splurging. Not even for the food, just for the wine and champagne.

This brings me to my Fat Fast. Yesterday was Day 1 of 3. In the end my macros were okay: 83% Fat, 15% Protein, 2% Carbs. I messed up on the protein bit because it didn’t even occur to me my cubed cheese would have so much protein, so that morning I added half a scoop of protein powder to my Bulletproof Coffee. Anyway, I still did alright.

I’m more worried about today, because I was lazy this morning and my sister had made cream cheese pancakes. So I went for it. But the peanut butter and eggs added lots of protein, and I’m higher on my carbs than I should be (already at 13g! shit). I’m at 77% Fat  13% Protein 9% Carbs right now.  I’m heading to the drive in theatre tonight so I’m going to bring cream cheese to snack on. In fact, maybe fasting with cream cheese for the rest of the day will do it. If I eat 5oz of cream cheese (500 calories) for the rest of the day I’ll get 82% Fat. Here I go!

I also suspect I’m STILL not drinking enough water. I remind myself every morning to drink FOUR of my 34oz bottles of water. I’m thinking I only make it to about 3. I need to keep better track. I also wonder what the difference is in days where I’m guzzling water and pissing every 20 minutes; and days where I’m guzzling, but retaining it all? It could be the creatine in our new protein powder but I’ve only had it twice since we got it. I’ll start but just drowning myself in water these next two days. I can feel my body holding on to the water. So annoying.

I love to do research on things. I researched the hell out of the Fat Fast before starting. Yesterday, I began with a Bulletproof Coffee + Protein Powder then a few hours later went to work. I was feeling fabulous until an hour before my work break. Nausea overcame me. I was trying to work, but started moving slowly, unsure if I was going to puke. Then I remembered my research: ELECTROLYTES. Stupid, stupid me. I didn’t take my vitamins that morning: Every morning I take a multivitamin and magnesium citrate (for now – I do plan on adding to my supplements) and I track my sodium and potassium militantly. Except for yesterday, when I even knew it mattered most. I’m such an eejit. I was eating cubed cheese, trying to pass the time until my cookies were done baking so I could do on break. I ran to the sports drink isle and snagged a GNC electrolyte bevvy. Within 10 minutes of sipping on it, I could feel myself getting better. So it wasn’t the food/calories, it was definitely my elecs. I went on break, bought a jar of sandwich pickles (more sodium!) and went to town eating salami, pickles, and cheese, drinking my sports bev. What the people at work must think of me….

Speaking of – I’m obsessed with pickles. 0 calories. 0 carbs. 0 everything except sodium! I do love the chicken broth for a warm beverage to fill my belly when I need the salt, but pickles give me more the oral fixation when I need it. I honestly never eat out of boredom anymore, but eating pickles does add to the satiation.

My moral is: DO NOT underestimate your need for electrolytes when you’re in Ketosis – and ESPECIALLY when you’re Fat Fasting! If you ever feel nauseated, have some chicken broth. Sodium IS YOUR FRIEND. Abandon all your 1980/90s science!

Okay, wish me luck on my cream cheese diet today. Tomorrow I’ll not be lazy to ensure variety. Doctor’s on Tuesday! Can’t wait to share my inches loss with her.