Well, it happened. I had an unplanned cheat. I went to my Uncle’s 60th, I took the toppings off the pizza crust and piled my plate with salad. But then the wine… oh, the wine, oh the calories. OH THE HANGOVER. I never felt so terrible as I did waking up on Saturday. I knew I was a bit drunk, but I’ve been worse, so I was not expecting the Hangover from Hell. I even had to leave work early. But by the evening, I was better. I still ate Keto despite my carbic oversight the night before. And most importantly, I Did Not Beat Myself Up About It.

Sunday I had my awesome British Tea Party themed Bridal Shower, thrown by my bestest, awesomest friend Lindsey. Seriously, she NEEDS to be a party planner. Everyone raved about how fun and clever it was. She is an absolute star! I had a phenomenal day.

Crazy Hats

Crazy Hats: Aunt, Mom, Me, Aunt, Aunt


My old boss, who is DARLING, drove all the way to Detroit to a Scottish bakery to buy cakes: she didn’t know I was low-carbing, bless her. Not to mention it was a tea party which meant biscuits and scones. So for my special day, I ate carbs! Lots.
I did make some awesome Keto Cheesecake Cupcakes

I did make some awesome Keto Cheesecake Cupcakes

So did my mom. We were so sleep by the time we got home, we went for naps. I woke up STARVING. Absolutely STARVING which is so rare for me. My mom got us McDonalds to end our Cheat Day. I didn’t count calories all weekend. I felt bloated and sleepy. I didn’t exercise.

I woke up this morning fully expecting the backlash on the scale. I was prepared and OKAY with it. It’s not that I want to be gaining weight or become ‘okay’ with cheat days, I just want to give myself a break every now and then. Plus the wins and losses, the ups and downs, are what the journey is about. It’s about being okay with making mistakes or slipping up for a day or a week, and then Getting Right Back On It. Having the strength to not say, “Well, I’ve already fucked up this weekend, might as well just give up” is important to my mindset; because that’s what I would say back in the day.

Anyway, the scale? 2 Pounds. I “gained” two pounds. (I don’t start calling it a gain until it’s 5 pounds, 2+ days in a row). So colour me Amazed. It’s nice to know for September, when/if I decide to go crazy when Matthew’s here, which I probably will. But as long as I stay down until my Wedding, what happens a week after that I won’t stress about.

To jump back into Ketosis, I’ve decided on a Cream Cheese Fat Fast. Weirdly enough, cream cheese has been the most delicious and easiest thing for me to eat these past few weeks. So either 8oz a day, or a little less if I want to throw in some bacon or a Fat Bomb. I will try to keep my calories below 1000 but I plan on being more strict about the 90% Fat ratio, which I wasn’t strict about last time. I might do 2 or 3 days, haven’t decided.

I’m most excited to having energy again. I’m heading out to do some Fasted Cardio for the first time in almost a week! Then I’ll go back later tonight for some weights. I’ve done a complete 180 from earlier this month: I used to HATE cardio, and obsess over weights. In the past few weeks, I’ve focused on cardio, and slacked on weights. Bah! Stupid self.

“I may not be there yet,

but I’m closer than I was yesterday.”


In wedding news, ONE MONTH until I get to be with Matt again. We’ll have been apart for seven months. And it will be the longest we ever have to go again without being together. I will have to say goodbye one more time, but it won’t be for long.

I sent out the invites, had my bridal shower, got hotels sorted, most important DisneyMoon stuff organised, dress going in for alterations… It’s just bits and bobs now towards the end. Although I do need to make a new list: one that points out the Little Stuff I keep forgetting to remember…


Right. I’m off. I shall report back with how the Fat Fast went. Hopefully smoother than last time…… Hah. GOOD LUCK to you as well! Speak soon.




Marriage Post


I just got some of the best news. I’m not sure it exactly qualifies as news: Let’s go with Hope. I just got the most heartwarming serving of Hope. I am overcome with possibility right now.

I was messaging a girl on Reddit who recently applied for her US>UK Marriage Visa. She kindly offered me advice (as it’s a bitch of a process). I asked her if she paid for a lawyer/advisor to look over it – I was told that this can speed the process up and ensure you have everything you need. Turns out, she didn’t. They just meticulously checked off the list of what they needed and paid for Priority Processing, which is only an extra $150 (on top of the $1,300. Christ).

So what’s my point? She said that between applying online, sending in her documents, doing her biometrics, and getting her Passport with approved Visa BACK – her total wait time was TWO. WEEKS.

TWO WEEKS. I don’t think I can actually fathom that.

For some reason, when I started my research back in February, I was always preparing for the worst: Not meeting financial requirements (he more than does), not being together long enough (no time limit, just proof it’s real and not sham), fees (okay that one is still a concern…). ¬†For MONTHS, I’ve been mentally preparing myself for a 2-6 month wait for my Visa to get approved. I’ve had my fingers secretly crossed to be in Liverpool before Christmas, but I’ve been realistically considering January/February.

And just now, I find out, I could (technically) be in Liverpool by NOVEMBER? So now, it won’t come down to processing time. It’s going to come down to when I can afford my flight! My last ever one way ticket.

If I can be home by December… That will be magical. Matthew and I finally started dating in December. Our first physical meeting was November 10th. We’d known each other via Twitter for a while and had become good chums, always flirty, I always had a curious crush. But after my first Liverpool trip in November, we realised just how compatible we were. He had already made plans to come to Edinburgh on December 17, but I decided I didn’t want to wait a month to see him. December 1st I spent that weekend with him and it just exploded from there. By the time we found each other, we had been through enough in love to know when it’s worth it. On Boxing Day, while I was spending Christmas in London with one of my best friends, we both decided via texting that we didn’t care if I was leaving at the end of January; this was too good to let go. We had to try. I still can’t believe he took a chance on me. He spent New Years with me. I spent another weekend with him. And he came up for my Going Away Party to surprise me and we spent that last weekend together…

And here we are. Getting married in 50 days (SQUEE!). We’ll have been apart for about seven months when we see each other again. We’ve been apart longer than we’ve been together. And the 2 weeks we get in September for our wedding and Disneymoon will be the longest we’ve ever spent physically together. None of this scares me. Nothing alarms me. When it’s right, it’s easy.

I’m just so overcome with the idea that we may be able to start the rest of our lives sooner than I imagined.

What I wouldn’t give to be able to spend our first Christmas married actually together!